Member Benefits

Stay Active. Earn Points

Level Point Range Reward
Participant Supply Chain Geek 0 You're an official #SupplyChainGeek!
Bronze SCG Star 1-100 Free #SupplyChainGeek T-Shirt & Coozie
Silver SCG Star 101-500 Free #SupplyChainGeek Tumblr
Gold SCG Star 501-1,000 Free #SupplyChainGeek Polo
SCG Officer 1,001-5,000 Free #SupplyChainGeek Backpack
SCG of the Royal High Order 5,000+ Paid hotel (2 nights) + Admission for the Executive Forum with VIP Access, #SupplyChainGeek Certificate of Achievement, LinkedIn Badge, and Your #SupplyChainGeek Story told in a professional video to be featured on the Network website!


  1. How much is the membership?
  2. You said I need to stay active to remain a member, what does this mean?
    It means we need to see at least one “engagement activity” from you over the course of the year. An engagement activity may include posting/responding to a post; attending an event; attending a webinar; publishing an article; interacting on social media with the hashtag; etc. A network is only as good as its members!
  3. What different levels are there and what types of rewards do I get for joining and being active on the Network?
    Refer to the top of the page to look at reward levels and points.
  4. I’m interested in sponsoring or creating a whitepaper/ebook/webinar on the #SupplyChainGeek Network, is this possible?
    Of course! Please email us at for details on the different sponsorship opportunities.

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