Making Forklifts Smarter

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm February 13, 2018

Smarter Forklifts with Mobile Technology

In manufacturing, warehousing and related supply chain logistics, real-time information matters. Even if the device transmitting that information is used solely on forklifts, computer mobility still matters.

It is no longer enough to affix a terminal PC in the lift vehicle’s cab. When the forklift, or the device, has to be pulled out of service for any reason, real-time info stops flowing to and from the forklift. This can lead to information log jams and lost productivity. If you are striving to maintain a constant, uninterrupted workflow from picking to production and packing to shipping, focus on making your forklifts smarter this year.

Join us on February 13 to learn how a simple upgrade to fully mobile tablet computers will give you:

  • A constant flow of real-time information regarding orders, deadlines, inventory location;
  • Access to more intuitive workflow applications that drive greater picking, packing and loading efficiency; and
  • The flexibility you need to maintain your forklifts – and workflow continuity – without worry about device-connected downtime.

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