Member Benefits

Stay Active. Earn Points

Level Point Range Reward
Participant Supply Chain Geek 0 You're an official #SupplyChainGeek!
Bronze SCG Star 1-100 Free #SupplyChainGeek T-Shirt & Coozie
Silver SCG Star 101-500 Free #SupplyChainGeek Tumblr
Gold SCG Star 501-1,000 Free #SupplyChainGeek Polo
SCG Officer 1,001-5,000 Free #SupplyChainGeek Backpack
SCG of the Royal High Order 5,000+ Paid hotel (2 nights) + Admission for the Executive Forum with VIP Access, #SupplyChainGeek Certificate of Achievement, LinkedIn Badge, and Your #SupplyChainGeek Story told in a professional video to be featured on the Network website!


  1. How much is the membership?
  2. You said I need to stay active to remain a member, what does this mean?
    It means we need to see at least one “engagement activity” from you over the course of the year. An engagement activity may include attending an event; attending a webinar; publishing an article; interacting on social media with the hashtag; etc. A network is only as good as its members!
  3. What different levels are there and what types of rewards do I get for joining and being active on the Network?
    Refer to the top of the page to look at reward levels and points.
  4. I’m interested in sponsoring or creating a whitepaper/ebook/webinar on the #SupplyChainGeek Network, is this possible?
    Of course! Please email us at for details on the different sponsorship opportunities.

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